Questions to Ask When Choosing a Water Company

Do they carry the model of cooler you want?
When choosing a water company, need to first look to see if they carry the cooler model you would like for your home or business. You should be able to choose from freestanding or countertop models, but if space is at a premium, you may prefer a slimline unit that doesn’t dominate the room.

Is delivery and set up service available?
A good spring water company will offer a delivery and setup service. This means that you don’t need to worry about reading booklets of information, just to get the cooler working. An experienced technician will also explain the correct way to use the cooler and any maintenance that is required.

Is maintenance included?
Speaking of maintenance, it is important to check if maintenance and servicing are included in the contract. Some companies have very small print, which means that you have the responsibility to ensure that the unit is properly serviced at regular intervals. Not only does this leave you bearing the cost, but you need to find a reputable company to handle the work. It is better to choose a company who is completely transparent and offers a hassle free service that includes maintenance.

Are there any introductory offers?
Everyone loves a bargain and what better way to entice you into using their spring water company can a firm offer than some type of introductory offer. Whether this is a discounted or free bottles of water with the cooler or some accessories, it is worth assessing the introductory offers available.

Can plans be tailored to your needs?
While you are looking for spring water suppliers, you need to know that you will have enough delicious water when you need it, without needing to store dozens of bottles. A good company will tailor the plan to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, the company should provide a little flexibility, just in case you have visitors and need more water at any time. Your company should deliver refill bottles when they are needed.

Does the company have a good reputation?
Finally, you need to consider the reputation of the water company. You need to have confidence that your water company has a good reputation for their quality products and fantastic service.